Thursday, September 12, 2002

Graphic design is very important in today’s society. It is anywhere and everywhere you look. Particularly, the picture of the Swiss Army knife with the kitchen tinsels, grabbed my attention from this article.
The nature of graphic design is so important in today’s society because it could mean the difference between a fortune 500 company and one who is filing for bankruptcy. Graphic designers use computer and other visual enhancers to create an image that would not otherwise exist. They can make a persons skin look perfect, brighten or darken a picture for better contrast and do just about anything they can imagine. The designer’s imagination is the limits.
This is the case with this modified Swiss Army knife. The designer uses their imagination to turn a knife into a kitchen tinsels. This creativeness is what can help a company succeed. By coming up with something clever like this, it will tend to grab more peoples attention. Once the designer gets the attention they are looking for, they give the consumer more information about the product.
I once heard that if you pick something up off of a shelf at a store then there is an 80% chance you will buy that product. The companies understand this information so the put every effort into making you pick up their product. This is also the reason that the make some words larger than others. A prime example would be the word free. I challenge anyone to find some sort of ad that has the word free in it and is not at least twice or three times the size of the rest of the print.